Tallahassee, Fla. (WTXL) – A female whose company offered case management for Medicaid receivers is dealing with charges arising from accusations that she fraudulently billed Florida for claims.

Donna Kay Sweeting, 55, who is residing in Havre de Grace, Maryland, was jailed Wednesday and later bonded from the Leon County Jail. She returned the home or wait for a date to be set for her jury trial.

As president of DS Connections, Sweeting submitted claims that were for products or services that are not licensed to be repaid by Medicaid, a private investigator with the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit stated in a sworn problem.

She and her company were to have offered case management for people who showed indications of serious and consistent mental disorder.

Sweeting is charged with 2 felony counts of Medicaid Provider Fraud of $50,000 or more, 7 counts of scams of more than $10,000 but less than $50,000, 7 counts of scams of $10,000 or less, one felony count of racketeering, and one felony count of Aggravated White-Collar Crime.

She is implicated of submitting the claims in between Aug. 15, 2012, and July 7, 2014. Her company had placed in Tallahassee, Winter Park, and Clermont.

The Florida Medicaid program paid DS Connections $48 for each hour billed based upon a system expense of $12 for 15 minutes. DS Connections, the problem stated, was among the greatest paid companies.

The scams private investigator found that Medicaid repaid DS Connections two times for more than $20,000 for several receivers at the very same address. DS Connections was compensated for more than 1,000 hours throughout a two-year duration for 7 receivers, and for among the 7 people the company was repaid more than $20,000.

3 receivers that the company was compensated for were dead, the detective stated, and one recipient was 13 months old, “too young to gain from psychological health targeted case management.”.

In analyzing 18 receivers, or their guardians, the detective stated, he found 9 receivers who were 5 years of age or more youthful.

Provided with the invoices, the receivers, or their guardians, the private investigator stated the services that DS Connections billed Medicaid for was either over-inflated or did not happen.

The seizure of DS Connections’ work record exposed that the supervisors and their managers did not have the expert experience needed to do their tasks, the detective stated.

Additional examination exposed that 10 of those workers had been charged with criminal activities connected to their work at DS Connections, among which was condemned of Medicaid supplier scams.